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ABOUT ME (Heather)
I absolutely love providing others with amazing ways to express love and remember life's landmarks. Our handwriting jewelry is - hands down - one of the most thoughtful and heartfelt gifts on the planet. The stories behind our personalized pieces of jewelry; whether it be; life struggles, accomplishments, good and the not so good are incredibly humbling to me. I love to embrace and establish relationships with my customers that are willing to share stories. I openly share my life on Instagram (honey.thorns) and love to hear about my customers as well. I find it very healing to feel less alone in this big world and sharing stories and supporting one another is a great way to do that!

Several years ago, a very kind lady gave me a handmade piece of hemp jewelry. It was unexpected as I had just complimented it because it was unique. She immediately and without even thinking about it, took it off her wrist and placed it on mine. She said, "I want you to have it, it makes you happy". I will never forget her raw, genuine kindness. Sometimes I wear it when I'm faced with a difficult task because it reminds me to be kind and giving. I always knew I wanted to offer the same powerful concept to others. I want people to wear my jewelry and remember a powerful message, whether it be something they have overcome, something they're going through, and their "why" in life such as their children.

My "why" in life is my husband and children. I want to be the most positive influence in my family's life that I can possibly be.

Let me express the "why" in your life with my products.

We are a husband and wife team! My husband Andrew and I make every single piece of jewelry in our garage-converted-studio. We hand cut our metals, sand, engrave, polish and package every piece by hand. We have put extensive time and energy into the quality of our materials, the way they're assembled and the packaging. Our packaging includes a band of wildflower seed paper that you can actually plant. Wildflowers are my favorite and what a great way to give back to our beautiful world! You can plant it and be reminded of love and growth.